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Clubhouse 805 is a private training facility founded by former MLB players: Jered Weaver, Jeff Weaver, Royce Clayton, Dmtri Young, and Mike Lieberthal. Our mission is to provide an environment to develop, train, and make lifetime relationships, just like the team clubhouses throughout Major League Baseball. At Clubhouse 805, our members will learn from the best, utilize the best technology the game has to offer, all in an environment that both the players and parents will enjoy!

Our facility offers a wide range of amenities including batting cages, pitching machines, pitching mounds, and video analysis technology to help players of all levels improve their hitting, pitching, and fielding abilities. Our experienced coaches are also available for private lessons and group training sessions to provide personalized instruction and guidance.

In addition to our training equipment and coaching services, we also host clinics, camps, and leagues throughout the year for players of all ages. Whether you are looking to work on your fundamentals or compete in a friendly game, our facility provides a safe and supportive environment for players to develop their skills and love for the game of baseball.

So come on in and see what our indoor baseball training facility has to offer! We are committed to helping you reach your full potential and achieve your baseball goals. Let's work together to make this season your best one yet!


Provide a fun learning environment, where MLB players teach the game of baseball using the best technology with the goal of getting our members to the next level.


We are here to meet every need of every player in our community and beyond. From the beginner to the highest level of MLB, we aim to serve every player, team, organization, and league that is open to learning, growing, and getting better!

Technology We Use

Rapsodo is a cutting-edge technology that is revolutionizing player development in baseball. Here are some of the key development benefits of using Rapsodo in a baseball training facility:

Rapsodo Pitch Analysis and Design

Rapsodo provides detailed metrics on every pitch thrown, including velocity, spin rate, spin axis, release point, and more. This data allows pitchers to better understand their pitching mechanics, make adjustments, and improve their overall performance on the mound.

Hitrax Batting Technology

Similar to Rapsodo, Hitrax collects and analyzes data on a player’s hitting performance. Data like exit velocity, launch angle, distance, and more. The instant feedback can help players and coaches identify strengths and areas for improvement, leading to more targeted and effective training. Hitrax enables players to compete in virtual games and challenges, adding an element of fun and motivation to training sessions. Players can track their progress, set goals, and strive to improve their performance with each session.

Data-driven training

By using Rapsodo to track and analyze performance metrics, players and coaches can design targeted training programs to address specific areas of improvement. This personalized approach to training can lead to faster skill development and more consistent performance on the field.

Instant feedback

Rapsodo provides instant feedback on every pitch or hit, allowing players to see their performance metrics in real-time. This immediate feedback helps players make quick adjustments, understand the impact of those adjustments, and improve their skills more efficiently.

Video integration

Rapsodo can be integrated with video analysis tools to provide a comprehensive view of a player's performance. By combining data from Rapsodo with video footage of a player's mechanics, coaches can offer more detailed feedback, pinpoint areas for improvement, and track progress over time.

Professional Coaching

Overall, Incorporating Rapsodo into a baseball training facility can enhance player development, improve performance, and create a data-driven approach to training that can benefit players of all ages and skill levels. By leveraging the insights provided by Rapsodo, players can take their game to the next level and reach their full potential on the field.


Working with Jeff has broadened my knowledge of the game of baseball. Not only has his speed training taught me how to improve my running mechanics, but throughout the process I have felt myself becoming more athletic and better understanding my body in space. This understanding of my body has helped me make adjustments in other facets of the game like hitting and fielding. Apart from speed training, Jeff has never failed to answer my questions about baseball. Whenever I need advice, want to ask questions, or just want to talk about baseball I know that he is always available. I can truly say that he cares about all of his players. Not only as athletes, but as people.

Sam F.

Baseball is a mental war, and for young men that mental battle is the biggest obstacle to long term success. I would suggest that Royce goes well above and beyond being a coach teaching baseball skills. Rather, Royce serves as a type of baseball spiritual advisor. What Royce really understands is how to teach young men to overcome the feelings of insecurity that every baseball player feels. My son's performance escalated exponentially. More importantly, his mental approach and his ability to deal with the inevitable struggles of being a baseball player has dramatically improved. Baseball is not just a sport; it is a way of life that teaches young men how to be good fathers, husbands, teammates and a good co-worker. I’m glad my son found Royce and I would enthusiastically recommend him for anyone that is looking for mentorship along the baseball path.

Den D


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